Album Review: Manchester Orchestra | COPE

Manchester_Orchestra_CopeArtist: Manchester Orchestra
Album: COPE
Release Date: April 1, 2014

Cope is Manchester Orchestra’s fourth album. The album starts on a high note with the song “Top Notch”. The instrumentation is something all on its own, it’s heavy but catchy at the same time. Even though the album starts on a heavy note is slowly grooves into songs like “Girl Harbor” that also has catchy guitar riffs. “The Mansion” has dark and profound lyrical content with another catchy beat. “See It Again” has great lyrical content and the melody is nice. The last song on the album and the album’s title “Cope”, has its heavy points with dark lyrics, overall it’s a perfect end to this album.

There are a plethora of catchy songs on this album. Many of the songs on this album could solidly stand on their own, but together they brought a really strong album, both musically and vocally. This is an album that isn’t going to please everyone, but with the unique songs on this album, one should go and give it a chance!

 Written by: Emily Kovacic


Video Review: “Robbers” – The 1975

The-1975-debut-album-cover-artworkThe 1975 – “Robbers” Music Video Review

“Robbers” comes from the band’s debut self-titled album and is the sixth single off of the album. The music video is its own mini movie. The couple in the music video resembled Bonnie and Clyde type characters. Showing that love has blinded them to believe that they can do anything.

The song and music video work perfectly with each other. It’s an all around great music video that you should definitely go check out!

Review by: Emily Kovacic

Video Review: “Cold Night” – You Me At Six

1236384_10152087008979751_2044910301_n“Cold Night” comes from the band’s fifth studio album Cavalier Youth. This softer track is currently their new single and the music video is the perfect set for this song.

The music video has warmth of lights and different clips that keep it interesting. The video also showcases all members of the band. I really like the concept of how they chose to do this video.

Check it out!

Written By: Emily Kovacic

EP Review: The Cab| Lock Me Up


Artist: The Cab
EP: Lock Me Up
Release Date: April 29, 2014

It has been long awaited to hear new material from The Cab. With the announcement of a new EP before their actual record, which will be released this fall, personally, I was excited. Any The Cab fan would be excited for this new EP. It’s definitely a different approach. The EP seems to focus more on front man’s Alex DeLeon’s vocals. It also has the radio music pop feel to it.

The EP opens with “Lock Me Up” which sounds like some of their earlier material in the verses, but the chorus is definitely a different sound. DeLeon seems to wish that his suitor would lock up his heart. The second song on the album is titled “Moon” which has a very dance club tone to it. The next song, “Numbers”, is a softer ballad that definitely showcases DeLeon’s vocals. Its sound also reminds me of a Justin Timberlake song, which could be good or bad. The fourth song is titled “Stand Up”, personally DeLeon’s vocal range in this is wonderful and I can totally see this song on the radio. It has great lyrics and a nice vibe to it as well. The final song on this EP is “These Are The Lies” has really nice beats and effects in it.

Speaking as a Cab fan, I don’t exactly know how I feel about this album. It is definitely different and unexpected. The new sound could help the band prosper in different directions. Perhaps we have to wait for the full album to hear exactly where the band is headed. I would definitely go listen to this EP and give it a chance though!

Written by: Emily Kovacic

Video Review: “Never Lose Your Flames” – Issues

1676_673415339390881_7833896763181352693_nWith the success of their self-titled album debut, Issues have released their music video for their second single. Unlike their previous single “Stingray Affliction”, which was heavy, this single hits more then just your ears; it hits your heart as well.

Acceptance is the main message in this video. The “Never Lose Your Flames” video served its purpose for this song even more then one could’ve imagined.

The meaning and the footage shown in this video are beautiful, much respect to Issues for displaying this message in this manner.

Written by: Emily Kovacic

Video Review: “Hold Onto Me” – Mayday Parade

Mayday_Parade_Monsters_in_the_Closet_coverMayday Parade definitely took a different approach with this video. Honestly, I was not expecting this to be the music video for this song. “Hold Onto Me” is the band’s second music video from the album Monsters in the Closet.

Many wished that the story of the song was played out in this video, but that is not the direction it took. It seems as if the song is a comfort of a group of kids, who in the end all come together for that one thing that keeps them going. I feel that it’s a video that you have to be open minded about and that it is welcome to different interpretations.

So what do you think? Do you feel that the video for this song served its purpose or not?

Check out the video and form your opinion!

Written by: Emily Kovacic

5 Seconds Of Summer | 4.17.14


Photo and Review by Chelsea Intal

5 Seconds Of Summer North American Tour 2014 – April 17, 2014 @ The Riviera Theater

Hailing all the way from Australia, these Aussie heroes, 5 Seconds of Summer sold out the Riviera Theater in Chicago. Seeing them previously open up for One Direction in the summer of 2013, I knew I was going to experience a great show. Before the band took the stage, the crowd chanted “5SOS!” The atmosphere was fun and everyone was excited for the band. All of a sudden a crazy light show started and the band took the stage. The boys were all smiles and full of energy. The music filled the theater with the classic rock show vibe. The band seemed to feed off the positive energy from the fans. The band was rocking so hard that one of the speakers blew out! Despite the short break from the technical difficulties, the fans maintain the great energy. After fixing the speakers the band continued to play music. From climbing on stage boxes, jumping high off the ground, and singing their hearts out, the boys seemed to be having the time of their life. Their presence on the stage was incredible. Not only did they make me want to dance, the way they played their music was on point. They are an amazing band to see live. They played all their music, which was great. It was refreshing to hear both old songs and new songs. These Aussie heroes definitely left their mark in Chicago. Make sure to check them out on tour this summer when they tour with One Direction. Also they just released their EP and their self-titled album will be released this summer as well.