Exclusive: We Are The In Crowd


Following the long-awaited release of their newest album, Weird Kids, Hopeless Records’ band We Are The In Crowd embarked on a 32-date tour featuring William Beckett, Set It Off, State Champs, and Candy Hearts. While the Reunion Tour was in Dallas, I caught up with WATIC vocalist/guitarist Jordan Eckes to talk about the tour, the new album, and everything in between.

FTM: How did you get started in music?

JE: Music was always in my family, you know? I mean my dad played bass and he was always playing bass or (acoustic) guitar and I was just really into it- how you can make an instrument sound so many different ways and what you could do with music. So, I mean, yeah, I started playing guitar when I was thirteen years old and have been doing it ever since.

FTM: If you could create a dream-team band from any musicians in the world, who would be in your band?

JE: Fred Durst on lead vocals; probably have the former drummer of Slipknot because he was awesome, or the guy that played on the first Saosin EP; Wes Borland on guitar; Jonathan Davis do vocals and on bass…Paul Gray, we’ll bring him back from the dead, R.I. P. Unbelievable bass player from Slipknot. That would be a dream band right there for me.

FTM: Can you tell me about Weird Kids and how it compares to Guaranteed To Disagree?

JE: It’s definitely a different record than we thought we were going to put out. We did it with John Feldmann – this was our first time ever doing it with a big name producer. Everything else we did with Zack and Kenneth in Georgia. Those are our boys and we love them to death. We were like “well we might as well just see what happens with this record, we have so many ideas – let’s go with John and see what happens.” We bunker-ed down with him for 22 days, we pretty much started from scratch completely and the whole process was insane, some of us were only getting three hours of sleep at night, just working around the clock on a caffeine IV. But yeah, we’re super proud of the album. I mean it’s definitely different, but it’s still We Are The In Crowd. It’s still 60/40 me and Tay singing back and forth and it’s good, it’s cool.

FTM: What’s your favorite thing about being part of the music industry?

JE: Favorite thing about being in the band, I think, is just being able to play music for a living. I mean we really don’t make any money, but the fact that we’re able to travel and do what we do and get enough doing it (as far as food and everything) and that we’re able to meet everybody and see the world is just a huge, amazing opportunity. We love every minute of it.

FTM: What can we expect in the future (new tours, albums, etc)?

JE: We’re going straight into a tour with Mayday Parade after this and then we’re doing the Vans Warped Tour all summer, which is going to be awesome because I love Warped Tour. But yeah, I’m excited – a whole bunch of touring in a whole bunch of new places.

FTM: How do you want to be remembered in the music industry?

JE: I think just the legacy of the fact that we’re kind of just doing it, we just never try to be anybody else, we never try to be someone we aren’t. We’re still a bunch of kids that somehow were taken under the wing by some amazing bands and they’ve helped us out and we were able to get a following. Hopefully people will look back on us in the future and be like “they were just a bunch of kids doing their thing.” We didn’t try to be a female fronted band, we just kind of utilized what we had, I mean there was this girl, she’s here, I’m here, I could probably sing a little bit. We just tried a different spin on it, I guess, and hopefully it’ll stack up compared to everything else, at least in this scene in general.

We Are The In Crowd is currently a part of Mayday Parade’s So Devastating, Its Unnatural tour. Be sure to check out the tour, which kicks off in late April and runs through the middle of May and also features Transit and Divided By Friday.

Interview by: Meagan Sullivan


Exclusive: Dear You

Dear You

Dear You performing at South By So What?! – March 2014

In today’s every-growing world of musicians, it can be hard to find a group that breaks the mold and isn’t afraid to be themselves. When I sat down with the four-piece pop punk band from Southeast Texas, Dear You, at Dallas’ South By So What?! festival they were doing exactly that, all while performing alongside huge headliners such as Taking Back Sunday, The Used, and Asking Alexandria – an opportunity most kids only dream about.

DSC_2432For Dear You, a love of music came at an early age and never went away. Guitarist Thomas Marsella, vocalist/guitarist Chris Roach, and bassist/vocalist Mason McDonald began playing instruments at a young age. Marsella started on the drums around age 13 after realizing that sports just weren’t his thing. At age six, Roach’s sister bought a guitar. Since he picked the instrument up quickly, before long he received a guitar of his own and hasn’t stopped playing since. McDonald’s dad often played piano around the house, so at age eight or nine, he taught himself to play the instrument by ear. Drummer Louis Moore, however, didn’t grow up playing an instrument like his friends, but rather grew up in a musically inclined household, as his dad was a musician. In the sixth grade during an advisory period, Roach asked Moore (who confesses he only pretended to be good at playing the drums) to start a band with him and the rest is history.

The band released its first album, Journals, in December of 2011. McDonald was not part of the band at the time, which left the vocals for the album completely in Roach’s hands. With the addition of McDonald, Dear You released their second EP, titled Faith, Fear, and Hope, in August of 2013. “[McDonald] coming in as a lyricist was big because it pushed me to do a lot better,” Roach admits. Mason coming in also helped in the creative process because it allowed Chris to bounce ideas off of him instead of relying completely on his own thoughts. Going into the recording process for the second album, they only had one song that they knew wouldn’t really change – the rest were more of a skeleton, just a collection of thoughts that hadn’t quite come together yet. In the span of 14 days, the two were forced to write in chunks instead of just a line or two here or there, which made Faith, Fear, and Hope much more cohesive and put together. In the two years between the two albums, the members themselves grew up which gave way to the progressed, more mature sound you hear now.

DSC_2625Although they aren’t currently in the process of creating a new album, they are looking forward to doing so in the near future as well as touring parts of the country they have yet to play in. They’re already lined up to play the Austin (6/09), Houston (6/10), and Dallas (6/11) dates of Man Overboard’s Heart Attack Tour featuring Transit, Knuckle Puck, and Forever Came Calling happening this May and June.

When it comes to interactions with those who support them, Dear You takes the cake on breaking down the barrier most bands try so hard to put up. Whether you’ve known them for ages or are just meeting them for the first time, they’re sure to make you feel as if you’re reconnecting with an old friend and making up for lost time. “We want to be remembered as the band that is more than just someone you listen to,” Moore says. Instead of just being the band whose music you love, the guys in Dear You want to be your friends that just happen to be in a band. Face to face contact and making time to hang out with fans is one of the things they want to strive to make a priority, even if it gets over their heads in the future, and I have no doubt that they’ll do just that.

Words and photos by: Meagan Sullivan

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Exclusive: From Indian Lakes


From Indian Lakes performing at South By So What?! - March 2014

From Indian Lakes performing at South By So What?! – March 2014

Growing up to a soundtrack filled with songs anywhere from Country to Classic Rock, it’s no surprise that singer/songwriter Joey Vannucchi pursued a career in music- landing him and his band, From Indian Lakes, at Dallas’ annual South By So What?! music festival.

Surrounded by his parents’ love of music at a young age, Joey started singing along and eventually got into lessons to further his talent. While he didn’t specify which bands sparked the interest that got him where he is today, he did mention listening to bands such as Radiohead, Incubus, and Bombay Bicycle Club in addition to crediting The Lion King as one of his biggest inspirations growing up. The local church then got a gift in the form of a drum set, which he taught himself to play along with several other instruments, since at the time he was living near Yosemite National Park in California. In 2007, he began the process of writing and recording songs that became part of the band he and his friends created in 2009, From Indian Lakes (named after the town Vannucchi created the songs in- Indian Lakes, California). Despite the fact that From Indian Lakes is a full band at live shows, Joey is still the main singer/songwriter and instrumentalist during the recording process.

DSC_3077In December 2009, the band released its first album, Man With Wooden Legs. Although the album was produced by the band itself and without a label, it received praise from those familiar with the band’s sound to those who just happened to stumble upon it. Following the incredible release of their debut album, From Indian Lakes released an acoustic EP, which Vannucchi mixed and recorded at home. This album quickly became a fan favorite and provided the band with the necessary fuel to continue writing and touring. Able Bodies, the third and most recent From Indian Lakes release, took the world by storm in November 2012. After releasing two albums independently, the band joined Triple Crown Records, where they still record today.

The group is currently recording their fourth album on Triple Crown, set to release some time in the summer of 2014. Although more upbeat than the previous records, Vannucchi explained that “most of the songs are still pretty sad.” The album still lends itself to slow parts that contrast the faster tempo, though, which I think will give fans a fresh, new set of songs that are unlike anything the band has released, but still remain true to the sound they’ve come to expect from From Indian Lakes. In comparison to Able Bodies, he says the new album is more comfortable feeling, showing just how far the band has come in terms of being confident in themselves since their debut album.

DSC_3173When being constantly on the road and living out of a suitcase is your life, you have to have something that reminds you why it’s all worth it. For Joey, that thing is “just how small the world is and how we [the band] kind of know everybody.” The band not only receives a tremendous amount of support from friends and fans around the world, but also from artists they grew up listening to. Many of these bands have come to see From Indian Lakes perform in the last year, which speaks wonders to the fact that even if they aren’t the most well known band, they’re definitely going places in their future.

The group already has tour plans in the works for summer 2014 following the release of their fourth album. If you get the chance, be sure to check out their music and support them on the Able Bodies Tour, coming to a city near you now through April 6!

Article and photos by: Meagan Sullivan

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Exclusive: Honour Crest

906433_10151527050257299_540295823_oFormed in 2009 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the five-piece Metal-core/Electronica band known as Honour Crest is tearing up the music scene as we know it. Made up of members Lucas Borza (vocals), Chad Orange (guitar and vocals), Zack Fitzpatrick (guitar), Jimmy Dillon (bass), and Cory Beaver (drums), the group’s quick beats and combative vocals have captured the attention of music lovers nationwide, including those of record label Rise Records.

Like many artists, the band found their love of music at a relatively young age. For guitarist Zack Fitzpatrick, the skill didn’t come easy. At his school, students took a music class where they were allowed to pick their instrument – Fitzpatrick picked the guitar. Although he quit due to the difficulty of the instrument, two years later he picked it back up and has been playing ever since. After honing in on and perfecting his skill, Zack joined two bands before singer Lucas Borza invited him to be a part of Honour Crest. For Borza, high school was all about sports (even though he hated them, he admits). At the time he had friends that were in bands, so his dad bought him a microphone and encouraged him to take up singing as an alternative after-school activity.

Honour Crest

Honour Crest performing at South By So What?! – March 2014

The band released their first full-length album, Metrics, in September of 2012. On Metrics, Honour Crest followed a more Electronica-based approach compared to being strictly Metal-core, which made it stand out among the crowd of albums being released at the time. While recording Metrics, the group let the electronics of the music be the guiding force in the writing/recording process. Spilled Ink, the band’s sophomore album released in December 2013, differs from Metrics in the respect that the electronics of the music took a backseat and really allowed the vocals and the genuine emotion the band put into the lyrics to shine. By doing this, the band inadvertently broadened their sound from “a generic weird Metal-core”, as Borza described it, to what it is today. Another difference between the two albums is the way they were recorded. Before Spilled Ink, all recording costs were paid for by Honour Crest themselves. The band was also the prime means of all marketing and promoting for the album. That all changed with the second album, though, when record label Rise Records reached out to the group. Whereas in the past the band would write and record an album and then promote it to labels, Rise Records jumped on board before the new album was even written.


Only being on their second national tour, the idea of traveling the country and seeing places you’ve never been before is still fresh and exciting for the guys of Honour Crest. Along with being in a new city every day is the exciting idea that when on tour they get to meet all kinds of people, from someone who has their album and loves it to someone who has never heard it. For Fitzpatrick, having new people come up and say, “I didn’t think I’d like you guys, but this is awesome” is an incredible experience in itself. The band has lots of tour plans in the works for the rest of 2014, including a headliner in the Northeastern United States, which they anticipate to be about a week long, and then plans to jump on a two-to-three week tour after that. As far as albums go, they hope to have a new record out sometime in the next year as well as the release of the music video for the song “Glaciers” off Spilled Ink.

Honour Crest

My favorite thing about sitting down and getting to know the band was getting to see firsthand their genuine passion for what they do, no matter where it takes them in life. For the guys of Honour Crest, this life is all about writing the music they love and not worrying about what’s going to sell the most. As Fitzpatrick says, “if we keep doing what we’re doing and we love it, then we’re doing it right and hopefully we’re remembered for that.” In a society overrun by the trend of changing your music and who you are in order to “make it big”, Honour Crest’s downright resistance to be anything but themselves is a much needed change of pace and couldn’t come at a more perfect time.

Article and live photos by: Meagan Sullivan

Interview: Carolina Liar

Kel-c recently talked to singer Chad Wolf from Carolina Liar. Check out the interview below!

Hi guys! This is Kel-c from Fuel the Media and we’re talking with Carolina Liar! If you could please introduce yourself and what you do in the band?

  • it’s Chad

Alright, so when did you first start playing music and when did you know that this was something that you wanted to pursue?

  • Yeah I’ve always wanted this as a career. There was always some freedom here that seemed enticing

What are some bands or musicians that inspired you to get into music?

  • Honestly I’ve listened to everything I could get my hands on I don’t think I’ve ever turned anything down

How & when did the band form?

  • I met johan after we started the demos in stockholm in 2007.

You’ve shared the stage with some pretty well known artists. Who has been your favorite to perform with and why?

  • That’s an apple an oranges thing. Each place, time and artist has been a step forward

So, you guys just got off tour with Kelly Clarkson and The Fray. How was that experience?

  • It was the largest tour we’ve done to date, and it pushed all expectations we’d had when it came to touring

Did you ever expect the band to get as big as it’s gotten over the past few years? And do you ever just sit back and think how surreal it?

  • That’s the thing I love! It’s been a steady growth for us as a band but as we keep branching out it would seem what’s surreal would pass , but it doesn’t there’s always another layer to the story… it really keeps you on your toes

You had a few of your songs play on some pretty big TV shows. How was that and did it kind of shock you when you heard it?

  • I get excited still. There’s always someone who hasn’t heard the songs so that always gives me a charge knowing that the songs are still growing

Are you guys working on new music and when can we expect to hear it?

  • We are, I hope to get some free downloads up this month then next year a new single or two.

What’s something you want your fans to take away from your music?

  • The one thing that people have told me about our songs is that they feel the same way we do in the songs. There is an emotional connection that helps people come to terms with the idea that they are not alone. I feel like that’s what gets taken away and shared with our fans

If could write music with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be?

  • I would love to write with David Bowie Or Willie Nelson, Elvis Costello, John Lennon the list could go for ever

Where is one place you want to tour that you haven’t been to yet?

  • France, Italy Spain , Africa , there’s so many one places I would like to go play and see

What is something crazy that’s happened while you guys were out on the road?

  • A plane we were on got hit by Lighting, rick thought for sure we were gonna die so he started writing on his phone what happen so if some one found the phone they would know what went down. There’s days of stories I could tell

So now we have some fun questions for you guys!​

If you could have any animals, extinct or not, what would it be?

  • I would love to have a pigmy goat

What is something you do to pass the time while you’re traveling?

  • I read a lot, drink red wine, I love finding junk stores, and great diners

If you could be any Disney character, who would you be and why?

  • I think I would be piglet, I’m a planner, im small, but I do like to get into trouble often

Do you have any weird hidden talents?

  • I can hand jive

What’s one of the weirdest fan encounters you’ve had?

  • Some of the older ladies can be extremely forward. You learn when to dodge licks…

If you weren’t in a band, what would you be doing?

  • I might be an archaeologist or maybe CIA

Thanks so much to Chad for taking the time out to talk to us. Make sure to check out their website for updates on tours and new music coming soon!