Revolver Golden Gods Tour – 06.02.14

Black Label Society

Revolver Golden Gods Tour
June 2, 2014
The Complex – Salt Lake City, UT

Coming into rock Utah was the Revolver Golden Gods Tour featuring Black Label Society, Devil You Know, and Butcher Babies. With already twenty seven cities behind them these bands were still going strong and putting the best show on stage. The crowd slowly filled the concerts room eager to see the strong line-up of well put together bands!

Butcher Babies

Butcher Babies

Kicking off the show was Butcher Babies; lead singer Heidi Shepherd treated her home town with strong vocals and a starting heavy jump on the stage. The two lead singers, Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey, scream in unison. Although the girls consume the stage with their tenacity, Butcher Babies guitarists do not go unnoticed. After Heidi announces that Utah is her hometown she treats the crowd with a goody of “Jesus needs more babies for his war machine. At the second to last song Heidi encourages the crowd to create a mosh pit and finally the crowd breaks out. Ending with promises to greet their fans at their merchandise table the band leaves the stage; defiantly converting the crowd into fans. With already so much accomplished only great things lay ahead for Butcher Babies who gave such an amazing performance. Butcher Babies continues to pave the road for women in the Metal World.

Devil You Know

Devil You Know

Taking the stage after Butcher Babies was Devil You Know, the crowd moved closer to the stage and the band opened with their hit song A New Beginning. Howard Jones, the lead singer of Devil You Know used his past experience from Kill Switch Engage to strengthen the band as a whole; however, Howard Jones was not the only one with obvious experience. Francesco Artusato, who previously was the guitarist for All Shall Parish brought his killer guitar solo to the stage and as his notes bleed through the lyrics he takes the audience during their second song. With yet another very experience band member, John Sankey, the drummer, who previously played for Devolved only, adds to the experience of Devil You Know. Howard Jones then dedicated their next song to pizza; this man knows metal! The last song they graced the crowd with was “Shut It Down”. Howard Jones threw his water bottle out into the crowd provoking eager fans to frolic for it and Devil You Know abandoned the stage leaving the crowd fired up for Black Label Society.

Black Label Society

Black Label Society

Then finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting for arrived, fans abandoned the merchandise tables and crowded the stage to get closer to Black Label Society. With their reputation preceding their band and many years on the stage the biker metal band attracted a huge crowd of all ages. With a banner covering the stage the crowd screamed at any sound of drums or guitars, false hope sounded many times, but at last sirens begun to sound and the lights flashed red, the crowd jeered with excitement. The veil dropped and with no introduction needed Black Label Society begun their set! Opening up with a well-played guitar solo played by, Jefferey Philip Wiedlandt (aka Zakk Wylde), that was complemented very well with a perfectly timed drum set given by Chad Szeliga, their song “My Dying Time” was evidently a crowd favorite. During the bands second song the true mosh pit begun and the crowd begun to show their support for the well-known, Black Label Society. Even with “Big Nik” leaving the band after 17 years earlier in 2014 the new bass player Dario Lorina, has defiantly proven himself. With sound struck artist solos, amazing stage effects, and a classic sound Black Label Society did not leave Utah disappointed. Their new album Catacombs of the Black Vatican is destined to be another classic.

Photos by: Daisy Beltran
Words by: Victoria Millan



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