Album Review: Manchester Orchestra | COPE

Manchester_Orchestra_CopeArtist: Manchester Orchestra
Album: COPE
Release Date: April 1, 2014

Cope is Manchester Orchestra’s fourth album. The album starts on a high note with the song “Top Notch”. The instrumentation is something all on its own, it’s heavy but catchy at the same time. Even though the album starts on a heavy note is slowly grooves into songs like “Girl Harbor” that also has catchy guitar riffs. “The Mansion” has dark and profound lyrical content with another catchy beat. “See It Again” has great lyrical content and the melody is nice. The last song on the album and the album’s title “Cope”, has its heavy points with dark lyrics, overall it’s a perfect end to this album.

There are a plethora of catchy songs on this album. Many of the songs on this album could solidly stand on their own, but together they brought a really strong album, both musically and vocally. This is an album that isn’t going to please everyone, but with the unique songs on this album, one should go and give it a chance!

 Written by: Emily Kovacic


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