EP Review: The Cab| Lock Me Up


Artist: The Cab
EP: Lock Me Up
Release Date: April 29, 2014

It has been long awaited to hear new material from The Cab. With the announcement of a new EP before their actual record, which will be released this fall, personally, I was excited. Any The Cab fan would be excited for this new EP. It’s definitely a different approach. The EP seems to focus more on front man’s Alex DeLeon’s vocals. It also has the radio music pop feel to it.

The EP opens with “Lock Me Up” which sounds like some of their earlier material in the verses, but the chorus is definitely a different sound. DeLeon seems to wish that his suitor would lock up his heart. The second song on the album is titled “Moon” which has a very dance club tone to it. The next song, “Numbers”, is a softer ballad that definitely showcases DeLeon’s vocals. Its sound also reminds me of a Justin Timberlake song, which could be good or bad. The fourth song is titled “Stand Up”, personally DeLeon’s vocal range in this is wonderful and I can totally see this song on the radio. It has great lyrics and a nice vibe to it as well. The final song on this EP is “These Are The Lies” has really nice beats and effects in it.

Speaking as a Cab fan, I don’t exactly know how I feel about this album. It is definitely different and unexpected. The new sound could help the band prosper in different directions. Perhaps we have to wait for the full album to hear exactly where the band is headed. I would definitely go listen to this EP and give it a chance though!

Written by: Emily Kovacic


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