Chiodos | April 29, 2014

banner2Doors for Warehouse Live promptly flooded at 6 PM on April 29th. The show was held in The Studio for Warehouse Live. The crowd was in for a lot big new things; a new band all together for an ex-frontman of a very well known band, a fresh front man for Emarosa and change over to an original front man, as well as new music for Chiodos.

The show was underway by 7 PM with ’68 taking the stage. The two piece is comprised of, ex-Chariot frontman, Josh Scogin on guitar and Micheal McClellan on the drums. The set was really well received by the crowd. I would say it was the heaviest of the line up with a lot of intense vocal work from Scogin. The band didn’t have a lot/any physical merch but their debut 7-inch as well as some nifty shirts are up for grabs on ’68 doesn’t have any listed tour dates after The Devil’s Dance Tour, but I would keep myself familiar with their schedule, they aren’t a show you want to miss.Following ’68 was Our Last Night, taking the stage with a bunch of smash hits from their most recent EP, Oak Island. While pointing out the set list content, the band didn’t play any old material past their 2012 release Age Of Ignorance. This could definitely mean the guys have decided that they want to focus on current and future work. Among the set was a cover of “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry, which grew wildly popular on YouTube (currently 1.75M hits only after four months now). The whole set was energetic with front man Trevor Wentworth in the crowd quite frequently to embrace fans singing along to every word of
every song. The band is still rounding out the few remaining dates on The Devil’s Dance Tour with Chiodos, but is set to take their music to a few Canadian dates. The band has also put together a ten year anniversary show in Allston, MA at the Brighton Music Hall.Next up on the ticket was Emarosa. For a lot of loyal fans this performance means quite a few different things. Up until 2011 with Jonny Craig leaving Emarosa, they were without vocals. Soon after they were in search of a front man. With almost no social buzz at all one could of thought the band had flat lined. Fortunately, two years and half years later the group announced that Bradly Walden, formerly of Squid The Whale, would be breathing new life into the band’s vocals. Before The Devil’s Dance Tour, Emarosa played their first show for fans in three years on March 28th. This tour is definitely allowing Walden to find his bearings.
All this being said, as a long time Emarosa fan, I thought the set was amazing. It was really great to see Bradley get right in the crowd and pick up where the band left off. At one point he even grabbed a guy out of crowd surf when it looked like the crowd might let him fall through and set him carefully over the rail. (Like what a guy. He genuinely cares about these fans.) A couple of the songs were a little different trying to match Jonny’s impressive vocal acrobatics, but then again Bradley has his own voice; a voice I have to say shined brightest on the bands new single “Mad”. At the same time though if you were only listening and not
watching you can hear the similarities in Walden’s voice in comparison to Craig’s. I cannot wait for new material for this band. I want these guys to make a new feel for themselves outside of, what some people are calling Jonny Craig’s material. Not because they aren’t entitled to the material, just because I feel Emarosa can be above and beyond what they were. No more filling shoes talk. I’m ready for these guys to kick all kinds of ass with new material.

With no clue as to when this new full length album Versus will come out, fans have the bands new single “Mad” on replay. Support the guys with a couple listens and check out the remaining dates of the Devil’s Dance Tour. The only show the guys have lined up so far after that is May 23rd at The Vernon Club, Louisville,KY.Finally, our headliner: Chiodos. Created in 2001 gained a very loyal following over their first eight years as a band while Craig Owens was front man. In 2009 Owens was removed from the band. In the time away from Chiodos, he formed a new group and put out new music. Chiodos found a new vocalist and churned out a new record, but things started to slow down for the band as a whole in 2010. Two years after his departure Owens was added back into Chiodos. It wasn’t until summer of 2013 that Chiodos took the stage for Vans Warped Tour. And it wasn’t until April 1st 2014 that the band released their long awaited follow up album with Owens, Devil.Owens takes the stage and open’s with their new single “Ole Fishlips Is Dead Now”. The crowd gets write into the set with a swaying from old to new and then back again. Songs got a little soft with “Under Your Halo” and a couple slower tracks on Devil. Then the set gets really intense and angry with requests from Owens for fans to single out the one person who is holding up their life and scream to them some not so nice things. He goes on to tell the crowd it’s not healthy to hold to such feelings and to release what comes natural. Be yourself. After a two song encore, Owens jumps into the crowd to scream “Tell your friends Chiodos is back!”
The guys leave the crowd roaring and bow out.

Catch the remaining the remaining dates of The Devil’s Dance Tour that goes on till May 21st in the U.S.. The guys do have some UK music festival dates lined up and then they bounce back to Texas in Austin for The Austin City Limits music festival in August.

Words and photos by: Danny Hernandez


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