Exclusive: We Are The In Crowd


Following the long-awaited release of their newest album, Weird Kids, Hopeless Records’ band We Are The In Crowd embarked on a 32-date tour featuring William Beckett, Set It Off, State Champs, and Candy Hearts. While the Reunion Tour was in Dallas, I caught up with WATIC vocalist/guitarist Jordan Eckes to talk about the tour, the new album, and everything in between.

FTM: How did you get started in music?

JE: Music was always in my family, you know? I mean my dad played bass and he was always playing bass or (acoustic) guitar and I was just really into it- how you can make an instrument sound so many different ways and what you could do with music. So, I mean, yeah, I started playing guitar when I was thirteen years old and have been doing it ever since.

FTM: If you could create a dream-team band from any musicians in the world, who would be in your band?

JE: Fred Durst on lead vocals; probably have the former drummer of Slipknot because he was awesome, or the guy that played on the first Saosin EP; Wes Borland on guitar; Jonathan Davis do vocals and on bass…Paul Gray, we’ll bring him back from the dead, R.I. P. Unbelievable bass player from Slipknot. That would be a dream band right there for me.

FTM: Can you tell me about Weird Kids and how it compares to Guaranteed To Disagree?

JE: It’s definitely a different record than we thought we were going to put out. We did it with John Feldmann – this was our first time ever doing it with a big name producer. Everything else we did with Zack and Kenneth in Georgia. Those are our boys and we love them to death. We were like “well we might as well just see what happens with this record, we have so many ideas – let’s go with John and see what happens.” We bunker-ed down with him for 22 days, we pretty much started from scratch completely and the whole process was insane, some of us were only getting three hours of sleep at night, just working around the clock on a caffeine IV. But yeah, we’re super proud of the album. I mean it’s definitely different, but it’s still We Are The In Crowd. It’s still 60/40 me and Tay singing back and forth and it’s good, it’s cool.

FTM: What’s your favorite thing about being part of the music industry?

JE: Favorite thing about being in the band, I think, is just being able to play music for a living. I mean we really don’t make any money, but the fact that we’re able to travel and do what we do and get enough doing it (as far as food and everything) and that we’re able to meet everybody and see the world is just a huge, amazing opportunity. We love every minute of it.

FTM: What can we expect in the future (new tours, albums, etc)?

JE: We’re going straight into a tour with Mayday Parade after this and then we’re doing the Vans Warped Tour all summer, which is going to be awesome because I love Warped Tour. But yeah, I’m excited – a whole bunch of touring in a whole bunch of new places.

FTM: How do you want to be remembered in the music industry?

JE: I think just the legacy of the fact that we’re kind of just doing it, we just never try to be anybody else, we never try to be someone we aren’t. We’re still a bunch of kids that somehow were taken under the wing by some amazing bands and they’ve helped us out and we were able to get a following. Hopefully people will look back on us in the future and be like “they were just a bunch of kids doing their thing.” We didn’t try to be a female fronted band, we just kind of utilized what we had, I mean there was this girl, she’s here, I’m here, I could probably sing a little bit. We just tried a different spin on it, I guess, and hopefully it’ll stack up compared to everything else, at least in this scene in general.

We Are The In Crowd is currently a part of Mayday Parade’s So Devastating, Its Unnatural tour. Be sure to check out the tour, which kicks off in late April and runs through the middle of May and also features Transit and Divided By Friday.

Interview by: Meagan Sullivan


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