Album Review: The Colourist

3674_1391536779Artist: The Colourist
Album: The Colourist
Release Date: March 25, 2014

If you’re looking for a new refreshing album to listening to, then look no further. The Colourist’s self-titled debut album is for you. Maya and Adam’s beautiful harmonic chemistry definitely comes to life in this album. Neither of their vocals disappoint in any of the songs.

The album opens with their current single “Little Games”. It then leads into the song “Wishing Wells” which is dreamy and makes me want to go to the land of wishing wells, seriously go listen! “I caught your love but I didn’t catch your name” are lyrics from the song “Tonight (Young Hearts)”. It seems to be about letting loose and just find someone to capture your attend for the night in which you don’t want it to end. “Stray Away” is totally a tragic hopeless romantic love song, but with the whole twist of actually giving the person a chance, “I know I can’t judge from the past but I just fear that this won’t last and I’ll be alone again.” The songs “Say You Need Me” and “Oh Goodbye” are cool jams with great lyrics. The album closes with “Put the Fire Out”, which is an appropriate end title track and this is how you end a debut album.

This album left an impression. I feel that this band will be one to keep a watch on. This energetic and refreshing debut album proved that they have potential.

 Written by: Emily Kovacic


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