Album Review: Chiodos | Devil

rjCHdd2XTfIArtist: Chiodos
Album: Devil
Release Date: April 1, 2014

This album is insanely good, especially with Craig Owens back in the reigns of singing vocals. Devil is Chiodos‘ fifth album and has been well awaited.

The album starts with “U.G. Introduction,” which is a nice piano intro. It then soars into “We’re Talking About Practice,” which has the lyrics, “I got hungry, so I ate the hand after I ate everything it had been feeding me.” The next song on the album is “Ole Fishlips is Dead Now,” which has superb lyrics and a nice outro to the next song. The album takes a different turn with the song “3AM” the vocals mixed with the piano and violin breakdown is simply beautiful. The song “Duct Tape” ends with the lyrics “Come with me into the dark…” then ends with shuffling sounds that make one question if they should follow into the dark to find who they are. The band surprises with the song “Under Your Halo”, which talks about an angel as if it renews hope of something promising; it’s beautiful.

This album has its ups and downs but it soothes you into them. It’s definitely a journey. The vocals, instruments, and lyrics show how the band has matured. It’s an album for the fans, new and old.

Written by: Emily Kovacic


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