Reggie & The Full Effect: New Album


Reggie & The Full Effect will be releasing the new album, No Country For Old Musicians, on November 19th. This is the first time in half a decade that James Dewees headed to the studio to record a new full-length. Fans had helped out a lot the successful Kickstarter campaign. Dewees plans to tour early 2014. Below is the official album artwork and track-listing.



  1. Introduction
  2. Super Croc VS. Mega Doosh
  3. 37
  4. Fowlin’ Around
  5. Revenge is a dish best served at Park Chan-Wook’s
  6. Guerrera
  7. Gimme back my leg
  8. Robo Fonzie meets Frank
  9. Who needs another drank featuring Floppy disk-0
  10. Sundae, booty sundae featuring Fluxuation
  11. Kanji tattoos still in style
  12. We make a breakfast
  13. To the Fruit Wizards of Donnington
  14. DMV featuring Common Denominator
  15. Disregard
  16. Danka Shane

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