Meet: 7 Minutes in Heaven


Whether you’re familiar with the game or the Fall Out Boy song title, pop punk artist 7 Minutes in Heaven is ready to capture your attention. With his latest self-released album, Get In The Van!, 20 year old Timmy Rasmussen provides catchy melodies and relatable lyrics to grasp the attention of fans everywhere.

Originally starting out as an electro-pop project in 2011, Rasmussen quickly decided to change his sound. “I always had in mind to pursue a “pop-punk” sound, since that was the genre I felt most connected to.”

In December 2011 and 2012, 7MIH put out a slew of covers for Christmas EPs that brought attention to his new project. From covering Justin Bieber to The Maine, a variety of fans quickly took a liking to the band.  After releasing his music video for the song “California” in 2012, things really began to take off for the Chicago artist. With the powerful tool of social media, Timmy’s charismatic personality becomes very evident when conversing with fans. Whether it’s a simple “hello” or helping someone that is going through a rough time, it is very clear how united he is with them.

Being able to have the pleasure of getting to know Timmy, his genuine personality translates in person just as it does online. From selling merch on tour for Hollywood Ending to getting to tour for himself, Timmy is ready to make a name and show his music to as many people as possible.

Timmy is currently embarking on the Tank Tops and Tan Lines tour with Late Nite Reading and This Is All Now and is only getting started in his career. Having already played a show with All Time Low, who plays a large influence on his music, Rasmussen plans on only doing bigger and better things with this project. Dates for his current tour can be seen below and make sure to check out 7 Minutes in Heaven on Facebook and Twitter.



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