Cody Simpson | Paradise Tour


Paradise Tour – July 5, 2013 @ Rosemont Theater

It felt like “Paradise” inside the Rosemont Theater when Cody Simpson stepped on the stage. Not only can Cody Simpson sing, he can sure dance! His phenomenal voice combined with his killer dance moves is the catalyst to the cheers of the excited audience. He sang a range of different songs from his old EPs to covers to even new songs that are going to be released on his new album, Paradise. New songs he performed were “Pretty Brown Eyes”, “Summertime of our Lives”, and “La Da Dee.” All three were great indicators of what is expected of his upcoming album..which is excellence! Although we were in Chicago which is near the middle of the United States, I felt like I was in paradise watching Cody Simpson perform. There was never a dull moment, all I wanted was to sing along and enjoy the music. At only sixteen, Cody Simpson is a special artist, he is a class act. Make sure to check him out on his tour and to check out his album Paradise which comes out on July 16th.

view more pictures from the show here

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