Artist Vs Poet Singer Auditions for The Voice

Lead singer, Joe Kirkland of Artist Vs Poet, auditioned for season 3 of the hit TV series, The Voice. Below is a message from the band regarding the situation and future of Artist Vs Poet.

“We are very happy to announce that our singer Joe Kirkland has tried out for The Voice Season 3. You can watch the premiere on NBC September 10th to see how he did. Other than that we can’t answer any other questions concerning him and the show. However, I can talk to you a little more about what this means for the future of Artist Vs Poet.

After doing a little bit of “creeping” on the internetzzzz I noticed some concerns such as….. IS ARTIST VS POET BREAKING UP!?  

So let me just remind you all of something. When every single Artist Vs Poet member decided that they had enough and quit, and when Fearless Records decided that Joe didn’t have what it takes to be the singer and dropped us…. WE DIDN”T GIVE UP! We quickly picked up our newest member Dylan and all moved out to California with a few bucks in our pocket in hopes that fighting on the front lines would produce a brighter horizon for the AVP Army. We have been fighting every day since and Joe auditioning for The Voice is just one of the battles that we have been fighting.

 Hopefully this reassures you all that there is no way in hell that this TV show could possibly cause Artist Vs Poet to break up.

Other than that we would like to go ahead and thank each and every single person who tunes into NBC’s The Voice on September 10th and supports Joe Kirkland during the blind auditions because let me tell you……I am extremely proud of him for putting all of this weight on his back. I know for a fact I would piss my pants in every way till Sunday if I had to get up in front of America only to be judged by some of the greatest singers in the world.

-Jason Dean

Artist Vs Poet”


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