Meet: Late Nite Reading

(Photography credit: Kel-c Gillette)

Just spending a few hours with this group of guys, I was in for a treat. These four Indiana boys, Late Nite Reading, are a young band popping into the scene with their pop-punk, feel good vibes. With ages ranging from 17 to 19 years old, the teenagers are into getting their name out and sharing their music with people everywhere. The band recently went on the road for a series of meet and greets and acoustic shows to promote themselves and hang out with fans. I got the chance to go to one of their dates in Orlando, Florida and see their wild personalities and lively music in person. Their friend who is touring with them,Will Sharaya, played a few songs as well and got the crowd warmed up with his fun, sing along songs and All Time Low cover. When the boys took over, you could feel the excitement running around everyone, even in the parents standing behind. The band hung around for a few hours to sign autographs on their new posters and t-shirts, take pictures, and just talk to people. Their perky personalities were something that could make even this gloomy, very humid summer day in Florida more exciting and enjoyable. Whether it was drummer, Drew Cottrell, picking up and lifting guitarist, Clayton Collins, or bassist, Brady Szuhaj, making everyone laugh by being completely drenched in sweat or maybe even vocalist Dalton Wixom’s enchanting personality while talking to fans. You can tell the boys love doing what they’re doing. By just trying to snag a picture of them, I could see their exuberant and bouncy personalities by not wanting to all smile at the same time or stay still for the amount of time it took to snap a picture. The band has a show on July 27th at the Vibe Lounge in New York. You can check out their latest EP, Dedicated to Deadlines, on Itunes or even their covers ofFoster the People and One Direction. Make sure to keep up with them by following them onTwitter and liking them on Facebook.

By Kel-c Gillette


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